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McDaniel defends RNC record, fires back at Ramaswamy

By Sampad Nov11,2023

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel defended her record amid a series of election losses and went after Vivek Ramaswamy, who pointedly criticized her on stage at the Republican debate this week.

In a terse interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham late Friday, McDaniel addressed the biotech entrepreneur’s calls for her to resign during Wednesday’s primary debate after the party’s performance in Tuesday’s election.

“Well, first I’m going to continue to focus on Joe Biden and Democrats and I think there was a moment missed during that debate, by Vivek to talk about the fact that we still have 13 American hostages in Israel,” McDaniel responded, adding that Republican voters are tired of the “circular firing squad” within the party and would rather focus on issues such as the border and crime.

By Sampad

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