New on Amazon Prime Video this week: ‘The Village’, ‘Bottoms’, ‘Elf Me’ and more

Arya in ‘The Village’

Arya in ‘The Village’

The Great Indian Family – now streaming

Starring Vicky Kaushal, this comic satire narrates the story of a devout Hindu man, Ved Vyas Tripathi aka Bhajan Kumar, who faces an identity crisis and a personal dilemma when he discovers information about his roots and origin, revealing he might be Muslim by birth

Bottoms – November 21

This teen comedy film that revolves around two queer high school girls who injure their high school’s star quarterback Jeff by unintentionally hitting him with a car, transforming them from uncomfortable outcasts to overnight fame. They form a girls-only fight club in order to attract the attention of their cheerleader crushes and to lose their virginities.

The Village – November 24

This horror series takes the viewers into the desolate hinterlands of Tamil Nadu and into the village of Kattiyal. Here Gautham (Arya) and his family encounter a living nightmare which they could have never imagined. Gautam’s wife (Divya Pillai) and daughter (Baby Aazhiya) have been taken captive by the mutants living in this village for years. He then joins forces with three locals to rescue them. Will he be able to save them?

Elf Me – November 24

The poster for ‘Elf Me’

The poster for ‘Elf Me’

This Italian Christmas comedy follows Trip, an unconventional elf who, as Santa’s helper, seems to succeed only in building bizarre weapons rather than toys. Fate will lead him to meet Elia, a shy and unconventional boy pursued by a gang of bullies. The two will help each other and together discover the value of friendshipElia, a shy kid from a village in the Italian mountains. Initially at odds, the two must team up to save Christmas from a ruthless businessman.

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