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Vicky Jain And Sana Raees Khan’s War Of Words

By Sampad May1,2024

Bigg Boss 17: Vicky Jain And Sana Raees Khan's War Of Words

Image instagrammed by Sana, Vicky Jain in a throwback picture. (Courtesy: SanaRaeesKhan, X)

New Delhi:

There are no permanent friends or foes in Bigg Boss 17 and as the show enters its sixth week, contestants are leaving no stone unturned to create an impression. This time around Vicky Jain and Sana Raees Khan have the viewers’ attention, thanks to a heated argument between them. The two indulged in a war of words after Vicky asked Sana to sleep on a single bed so that he could share the double bed with his wife Ankita Lokhande in the Dimag room. FYI: Ankita is from the Dil Room, while Vicky and Sana are a part of the Dimag room. Sana who was already sleeping on Vicky’s single bed for the last four days refused. She said that the light in the room near the single bed was disturbing her. Witnessing the scenario, the other members of the Dimag room — Anurag Dobhal and Arun Mashettey— offered to give Sana their bed so that Vicky and Ankita could be together. But Sana was adamant and refused to sleep on a different bed. While arguing with Vicky, Sana said that he and Ankita have been ungrateful. She added that the couple hadn’t thanked her for giving her bed to them in past.

Sana Raees Khan continued by claiming that Ankita Lokhande is from Dil room and that she shouldn’t be sleeping in Dimag room. Wondering what happened next? Well, Vicky asked Sana to mind her pitch. The two then lashed out at each other for the same. While Ankita tried her best to be the peacemaker between the two, Vicky and Sana continued to argue. Eventually, Vicky asked Ankita to go to her Dil room. 

ICYMI, this intense argument between Vicky Jain and Sana Raees Khan happened just hours after the two were trolled for holding hands. It all began with Sana asking Vicky to mop the house. Sana said, “Vicky please let me do the chopping duty, I’ll replace my duty with you. If there’s someone who can convince everyone then it’s you. Please help me with it.” Responding to this, Vicky said, “I’ll try doing that but I don’t know if the housemates will agree with me or not. But I’ll definitely try.” Their video was shared by a fan on X (formerly Twitter), and soon enough it started attracting criticism from various quarters.

The makers have also shared a new promo that hints at another intense fight between Vicky Jain and Sana Raees Khan. But this time they seem to be fighting over house chores after Sana refused to do her duties.

Bigg Boss 17 can be viewed on Colours TV or JioCinema.

By Sampad

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